Leveraging Technology for Organisational Excellence


Technology and HR-Leverage one for your other: “Technology and even HR are enablers of business. The use of the two would mean not simply harmonious co-existence yet also leveraging one for the some other. Leveraging of technologies for HR would mean digitizing the particular mundane HR activities and automating the particular back office plus transactional activities relevant to recruitment, performance administration, career planning, in addition to succession planning, training and knowledge supervision. Leveraging HR for technology implies controlling change associated together with technology by method of communication, education, hiring, retraining, stakeholder analysis and conscious keeping. Thus they can play complementary jobs. “

Technology in addition to HR both include something common i. e., both these types of are enablers associated with business.

Recently, technologies has become associated with information technological innovation, as hardly any other technological growth of the past could have impacted all spectrum of business as information technology has impacted. Regardless of the kind of business an individual are in i actually. e., services or goods, commodity or branded, trading or manufacturing, contemporary or even traditional deployment associated with information technology throughout one form or the other is a foregone conclusion. To manage plus deploy technology in an effective way, all business Organizations would likely need knowledge workers. Managing of these knowledge workers is definitely the responsibility of HR function. Consequently the integration of technology and HOURS is an overall must.

Having realized technology and HR in today’s context many of us must understand the use in this context. Integration would not really only mean enlightening co-existing but might also mean a single enhancing and matching the other i. e., technology is used to enhance efficiency of HR and HR functions helps in adopting and taking care of change which technologies deployment brings within.

Leveraging technology with regard to HUMAN RESOURCES

HR management as a function will be responsible for deliverables like business technique execution, administrative productivity, employee contribution and capacity for transform. These are accomplished by way of what HR people do i. elizabeth., staffing, development, settlement, benefits, communicate organization design, high doing teams and thus on. In most these areas technologies is being used.


Recruitment is usually one area in which all the businesses worth their title leverage IT. You will find two different designs of e-recruitment, which usually are in fashion. One is recruitment all the way through company’s own sites and the various other is hosting the requirement on typically the other sites elizabeth. g., monster. contendo, jobsdb. com, jobsahead. com, naukri. apresentando, and jobstreet. contendo and so in so forth. The first models much more popular with the particular larger companies who have a company pull for prospective employees e. grams., G. E., APPLE, Oracle, Microsoft, HCL, ICICI, Reliance, Mindtree consulting etc. Additional companies prefer to proceed to the task sites. Many are adopting both.

E-recruitment provides gone a long way since its start off. Now these sites have got gone global. Websites like jobsahead. com and monster. possuindo have established international network, which encompasses separate sites intended for job in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, and Nova scotia and so forth Job seekers are able in order to search job simply by region or region and employers concentrate on potential employees in specific countries. For example, 3 Com recently posted some sort of company profile for the Ireland site that highlights the contributions of 3 com’s Irish design crew in its global assignments.

In the early days e-recruitment was bothered with flooding the employers with low-quality bio-data’s. Again technologies has come being a savior. Now pre-employment testing like the particular one introduced by simply Capital One, a great US based financial company, assist in selection the applicants. These types of tools test on the internet e. g., candidates for call centres. ‘Profile International’ the Texas based provider of employment examination, has developed resources that allow prompt translation of analysis tests between ‘languages’. Further developments including video- conference specialized sites, online professionals recruitments and incorporating offline and online methods usually are ultimately causing more and even more companies adopting e-recruitment at very least being a secondary recruiting method. Arena Knights Bridge, an US ALL based IT firm conducts video centered interview of their prospective employees plus only short shown employees are met in person. Actually IT Support was to be able to launch exactly the same.

Worker Self Service

Worker self-service just might be one utility of computer, which usually has relieved HOURS of most associated with mundane tasks and even helped it in order to improve employee satisfaction. Employee self solutions is a wide variety of small activities, which were previously completed by employee via administration wing associated with HR. These are usually travel bookings, journey rules information, vacation bills, leave rules, leave administration, advantage administration, and so forth Previous all these guidelines and information have been in the custody regarding HR. Every end user employee was predicted to reach out to HOURS and get it done. Now along with deployment of ESS in many of the particular companies, employee can request for travel related booking on the internet, fill his/her Big t. E. bills, submit an application for leave, log period sheet and see his perks value disbursed and due etc . E. h., in Ballarpur Industries Ltd. leave management is completely digitized throughout its corporate workplace. It is performing towards digitizing vacation related activities, incentives and even payment management and functionality management administration. ‘Digitize or outsource most the mundane plus routine focus is without a doubt core and benefit add’ – Vineet Chhabra V. P. -PDC BILT.


Communication which is definitely most talked about management tool provides always been a gray area in HR management. Within large companies together with vast geographical spread communicating with all workers had really presented formidable challenge to be able to HR professionals. Technology has again are available for rescue. Starting up with telephones, faxes, e-mails and maturation into video conferencing, net cast, net cast etc . conversation is one part of HR, which has been greatly acquired by technology. Computer mouse & click firms like Oracle, APPLE has an intranet which caters to be able to almost all of the information demands from the employees. Brick & Morter organizations like BILT likewise have made a foray into deploying intranet for inner communication, containing corporate and business notice board, media coverage, and expertise corners.

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